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When you sign up as a new member, you will receive $5.00 for free …with absolutely no catch since our program is entirely FREE. You can earn more by just referring others… and we will even help you to do that! You will get $1.00 each for the first 5 people that you refer and that join (they must confirm). Then you will also get $0.50 each for the next 10 people that you refer and that join. That is another $10.00 that you can earn easily just by referring family, relatives, friends, associates, etc., etc. And we even have an easy (and ready to use) “Refer a friend” script,in the members area, that you can use to get referrals. PLUS we even have select, and very easy to use, software programs that will generate traffic for you to help get referrals! PLUS we even have “free” advertising resources which we will tell you about that will also help you get referrals!! Websites that will give you free advertising!!! All of this is yours for free, in the member’s area, when you join!!! That means that it is virtually impossible for you not to be able to get that extra $10.00 just by referring people!!! 

And boy do we have some contests! Here is the good part. We will take 20% of ALL advertising revenues and set that aside for our bonus contests!!! That’s right…20% of everything that we earn goes right into these contest pools…and anyone can win at any time!! This 20% will be split as follows in each contest shown below.

 The contests are: 

REFERRAL BONUSES - 5% for 10 winners reset every 10 days 
 ADVERTISING (AND ADVERTISER REFERRAL) BONUSES – 5% split with 2 ½% going to top 3 advertisers and 2 ½% going to the top 3 advertiser referrers 
 DAILY RANDOM BONUSES – 3% cash and other prizes given out daily at random 
 A MEGA BONUS – 2% which accumulates and gets paid out every 90 days to our top total referrer 
 A HUGE ANNUAL BONUS – 5% of all accumulated advertising funds will go into a huge annual bonus fund paid out once a year to our top 10 referrers for the year. We are looking at thousands of dollars to be paid out in this bonus!!! 

 As you can see, there will be many chances to win. So, not only can you earn by referring others – you can win cash and prizes in our many contests and random bonuses. And we will even help you to get referrals with our programs and resources! Now…how much easier can it get than that?!? 

And here is how our first contest – referral bonuses - will work. We will pay 5% to the top 10 referring members every 10 days – it will just be the advertising funds earned for that 10 day period ONLY and reset back to zero every ten days for a new contest. Here alone we will have 10 winners every 10 days…just in this one contest! If you lose one contest, then you can try again for the next! And our 10 winners, every 10 days, will be paid out as follows: 

30% goes to the top winner - 20% to second place – 10% to third place – and the other 40% evenly divided among the remaining 7 people. Here is an example (this is an example ONLY) – Let’s say that there was $1000 in total advertising for that 10 day period… so 5% or $50.00 goes to this bonus contest. The top winner gets 30% or $15.00 – 2nd place gets 20% or $10.00 – 3rd place gets 10% or $5.00 - and the other $20.00 that is left is equally divided among the remaining 7 winners and they would each get $2.86 each (rounding it up). 

And here is how our second contest – advertisers/advertiser referrals – will work. This 5% will be split with each part getting 2 ½%. One part goes to the top advertisers every 10 days and one part goes to the top advertiser referrers every 10 days. Advertiser referrers are those that refer advertisers to our new program. They are NOT referring members – they are referring advertisers who make a purchase ONLY. Only those count for this part. In other words – if they refer an advertiser and he does not make a buy – then they are not in this contest. But if they refer an advertiser who does make a buy – then they are in this contest. Advertisement buyers are those members who actually purchase an ad during that 10 day period. The top 3 referrers/buyers for each part will be split this way - with top referrer getting 50% - second place getting 30% - and third place getting 20%. The same will also apply to the top advertisers. So here is how this will work: using the same example as above (this is an example ONLY) – there is $1000 in total advertising so 5% equals $50.00. 2 ½ % goes to advertisers and 2 ½ % goes to advertiser referrers so that is $25.00 to each group. Each group would split this as follows - $12.50 to top advertiser referrer and top advertisement buyer…$7.50 to second place for both…and $5.00 for third place for both which totals $25.00 for each group and $50.00 total. So…both paid advertisers… and those that referred paid advertisers… will win money in this part!!

And here is the third part of our contest which includes Random and MEGA bonuses. Random bonuses are 3% (of the 5%) and will consist of cash and/or prizes. You can win those simply by coming to our main page or logging in. They will be awarded at random times so that no one knows when this will happen. The only way to win is to visit the website and/or log in as frequently as you can. There will be from 2 to 5 winners every day! The MEGA bonus will be awarded every 90 days. It will be given to the top member and the top advertiser referrer together. In other words, the member who referred the most new members and most active advertisers will win this MEGA bonus. Just one member will win this all as it will accumulate over 90 days!! 

And finally … our huge annual bonus! This could potentially turn into many thousands of dollars being split between the top 10 referrers of the year (both member and advertiser referrals count for this). Ten winners will split a huge bonus pot as follows: 1st place = 30%, 2nd place = 20%, 3rd place = 15%, 4th place = 10%, 5th place = 10%, 6th place = 5%, 7th place = 4%, 8th place = 3%, 9th place = 2%, and 10th place = 1%. 

All of our contest leaders will be shown on the main page and updated as changes are made. But they will show accurate statistics for every 10 day contest in the first 2 contests, and for 90 days for the MEGA bonus. The annual contest will update continually for the year. That way you can see who your competitors are and how much you are winning…or could be winning. We will also show who won random prizes and what they won! So get your name up in lights and on our front page, and win some money too!!  

BUT WAIT…THERE IS EVEN MORE TO OUR PROGRAM!!! Once you achieve the $25.00 or more, and you get your payout sent to you, it does not end there!!! Once you get your payout – your account will reset back to when you first started – and you can do everything all over again!! We will give you the $5.00 sign up bonus…and we will let you get referrals for another $10.00…and you are eligible for all contests again!!! So that means that you can earn over and over again…all for free…and all based on your efforts!!!

There is just one little thing that we have to insist that you do. It is that $10.00 of your earnings must come from reading emails. That’s our only catch…if you want to call it that. You may be able to reach $25.00 very quickly, but $10.00 of that amount MUST come from revenues generated by reading emails. Once you have read enough emails, and your email reading total equals $10.00 or more – you are then entitled to a payout when you reach $25.00 or more. If you reach $25.00 or more BUT have not read $10.00 worth of emails, then you will not be eligible for a payout. We have to do it this way so that we can generate the funds to pay you. But that is, after all, a very small requirement.

And in case you are wondering where all of the advertising funds will go, we will show you: 40% goes to members for reading emails (members who confirm reading their emails within a 10 day period) 20% goes to members in contests (see contests above) 15% goes to operations e.g. server, tech support, website improvements, etc 15% goes to advertising our program so that it will grow and get more advertisers…which means that you get more money for reading and more money from contests 10% goes to us as profit – and there are 4 of us so we split that.

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wah infonya bagus sob..
sangat bermanfaat & lengkap lagi..
makasih ya :)
salam kenal :)

#Happy BLoging :D

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